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Dr. Amit Caplash: Dentist in Brampton
Dental Implants

    Have missing teeth? Dental implants may be the right option for you! Walk-in Dental Clinic in Brampton

    For those who suffer from missing teeth, dental implants can help restore their ability to smile and chew with confidence. Dr. Caplash is widely sought after for his expertise in this area.

    Benefits of using dental implants in Brampton:

    Of all the treatments available for dental restoration, dental implants are believed to have the greatest rate of success. They feel, look, and function like normal teeth, and can last for a lifetime with right care. There are several advantages to dental implants as well:

    • Dental implants never decay.
    • Dental implants can help restore full strength of the patient’s bite.
    • Dental implants prevent bone loss, gum recession, and speech difficulties.
    • Dental implants are convenient and comfortable.
    • Dental implants make dentures reliable and secure
    • Dental implants do not require grinding down the teeth from every side of the gap.
    • Dental implants preserve the natural look of your face.

    Your first visit:

    Determining whether these prosthetics are suitable for you, and selecting the right type of implant is dependent upon the condition of your jawbone and your personal needs. Not all of us are good candidates for implants, especially if we lack sufficient bone structure. During your first visit to our clinic, our implant dentist will evaluate your gum and bone health to decide whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. If implants seem to be the right option for you, the dentist will walk you through the entire process, from early planning to the ultimate, permanent restoration. Dental implants can be utilized for:

    • Supporting dental bridges
    • Replacing missing teeth
    • Securing dentures (fixed or removable)

    Book Walk-in Dental Clinic Brampton Appointments:

    We know you have plenty of other choices when choosing a clinic for dental implants in Brampton, so we have made securing an appointment a very easy process through our Web site. If, due to any reason you’re unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please be sure to call us as soon as you can. Choosing us is the most important decision you will make!

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