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Dr. Amit Caplash: Dentist in Brampton

At the Dr. Amit Caplash Dental Centre, our patients enjoy a full range of dental and oral health services, from routine hygiene and general dentistry to cosmetic and major surgery. Our practice is modern and friendly, and equipped with the latest and best technologies to ensure first-class care and service for everyone.

At the Dr. Amit Caplash Dental Centre, we believe in a preventative approach to dentistry and patient care. That involves developing individual hygiene programs for our patients
While preventative and restorative treatments are our preferred approach, there are many occasions where a tooth extraction is necessary.
Root canal work, or endodontic dentistry, is conducted on the root and soft tissue beneath the tooth.
A filling is needed to restore or repair a tooth that has become cracked or broken, or when decay has created a cavity.
A bi-annual visit to the hygienist goes a long way to maintaining good oral health all year round. Our hygienists provide a complete clean that includes flossing, cleaning and polishing.
More often referred to simply as bad breath, there can be several reasons why people suffer from halitosis.
Habit breaking appliances are designed to prevent the negative effects of habits such as thumb-sucking and finger biting, and conditions like sleep apnea.
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