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Dr. Amit Caplash: Dentist in Brampton

    Emergency Dental Clinic Brampton

    We know how important your dental situation is, and we are standing by to help you, anytime you need it. Just dial 905-451-2999.

    There are times when dental care cannot wait, particularly when you are suffering from excruciating oral pain. Since our mouth is one of the most used body parts, problems can arise almost any time. If you are in need of emergency dental care because of cracked or chipped teeth, tooth pain, and any and all kinds of tooth ache that need immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call our emergency dental clinic Brampton.

    Why call an emergency dentist?

    A lot of people argue that there is no real need to go to a dentist immediately. While it is always important to take emergency action, such as consuming over the counter pain relief medication or rinsing your mouth with salt water, these measures may not always work. There will be times when immediate expert help is needed to treat a bleeding jaw or save a tooth from permanent damage. You just never know, and the problem can strike almost any given time with no prior warning.

    How we help?

    At Dr Amit Caplash Dental Center, immediate oral relief is our top priority. Some of the most common cases and procedures handled by our emergency dentistsinclude:

    1. Impacted molars, chipped teeth, loose fillings, knocked out tooth
    2. Emergency extractions
    3. Abscess treatment
    4. Crown repair or replacement
    5. Sore gum or pain in your gums
    6. Toothache pain relief
    7. Swollen jaw

    As any person who has suffered from a terrible tooth ache can attest, oral pain can bring you to your knees: you can’t sleep, eat, or even think straight. Getting the right help is the key to solving this problem, and that’s exactly what you get at Caplash Dental. We give you access to highly-qualified and experienced emergency dental practitioner at our dental clinic in Brampton.

    Gone are the days when damaging your oral cavity at night meant waiting out the wee hours to get treatment in the morning. Whether you need urgent care or just need a checkup on a Sunday, our emergency dentists in Brampton are there at your convenience and are qualified to handle just about any oral problem you may have. Our compassionate attitude towards our patients is the crux of our practice! Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you!

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